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Serious Apres-Rome Illness...
On Monday, following the dreadful return to a cold drenching in London (Rome was 21...) I had to leap out of bed for a truly vile double-ended excavation in the toilet. This sort of thing continued all day, atoday as well I can barely shuffle down the hall. Every step is painful and I can't breathe. The intese gut and kindey pain has improved a bit, though.

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Bloody hell, you'd been so quiet, I'd been getting worried about you. Sounds like a nasty food poisoning or norovirus. You poor thing. If it is noro it should be wearing off.
It might be an idea to ring your GP and have a diagnosis on the phone, (they won't want you to come in if you have noro!) Might be an idea to get a phone check up and diagnosis just to be safe?

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