Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Rome Tomorrow...

Haven't even picked up a pen to doodle  since the Day of the Trump. Last week was just so depressing, what with the US election ,
the continued cull of cultural icons, AND my travel terror.. I have been even more pathetic than usual.
I haven't even packed yet, I did go to Victoria and got my Gatwick Express tickets, to make sure I knew where I was going, and didn't have to queue. I've also shelled out for fake nails, to look a bit less horrible. Mine are so raggedy, uneven and grubby looking. R Next Door, of course, remarked that you can always tell when people have fake nails because they look so weird...Less weird than my natural gnarly old claws, anyway,
In TV-land, I saw the last episode of the ridiculous PARANOID. Quite asine, ster the rather interesting first episode. The new Saturday thriller on BBC4 is DARK WATER, an Australian import, which is watchable, but not all that.
Was impressed by the dramatisation of Zaidie Smith's NW, which I haven't read, but found unexpectedly moving.
I'm not ahuge  Stephen Poliakoff fan as a rule, but I absolutely love the look of his stuff. Where do they find those fascinating buildings? So, I'm watching CLOSE TO THE ENEMY, which is OK, so far, apart from the leading man who is pretty rubbish.
Too cloudy to see the SuperMoon, which was not going to be that spectacular in these parts, anyway. Looks like it's going to be overcast again tonight. Bah...
Anyone who feels like it might send out some vibes/ a quick prayer that I manage to get to Rome and back without any misfo
rtunes. I probably wont be home until about midnight Sunday. Don't know if I'll be able to get online.

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