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Ohh la La!...
ganesh reading

Behold early drafts of the first two books in the LK COLLECTION.
Jay Eales designed 'em, and Terry Wiley used his digital skills to colour them. They now look fantastic, and I'm well chuffed and grateful.
Should anyone actually want to buy any, they'r available, now from FactorFiction Press. Woot.
Otherwise, I'm in my usual state of anhedonia, and went along to
the Pictue House to escape. I knew I'should' see I.DANIEL BLAKE. but the prospect was too triggery. I couldn't watch that TV docudrama about the Damilola Taylor case last night, either. just too upsetting for my current condition. I did enjoy the long-ago mayhem of DARK ANGEL, though. I'd heard of Mary Ann Cotton, but thought she'd just killed a few. They estimate that she did in 21-30 people, though. Cripes.
I ended up seeing NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, which has had great reviews and looked interesting. It was; fabulous performances, a nice David Lynchian creepiness to it, and grand cinematography. It wasn't as brilliant as they've made out, (Is anything, ever?) but it was certainly worth a watch.

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They look really good - are they limited run, or could I pick up a copy in the New Year?

Oh yes, no problem. They're being printed on demand. :)

I've already asked for my copies to be brought to MCR!

Fantastic, I'll buy them when I get home. 

Oh, BTW. I didn't realise that those fake comments on the dummy covers were gonna come up legible. Apologies to Paul G. etc. (Ya gotta admit they're a good larf, though...)

Love the Paul G quote. I'll have to see if I can get copies brought to MCR as well.

Copies can be bought at any time from our Lulu shop

I'll check before MCR who wants what - hopefully the third volume will be out by then too.

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