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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Winter Is Coming?...

Enjoying the cold, bright weather while it lasts. Sucks to needing to put the heat on when it gets dark, though. Can't afford to.
I'm also spending too much money playing JK Rowling in coffee shops.
Watched an old Hammer film I'd actually never seen, NIGHT CREATURES.More pirate/smugglery than 'orror, but it was quite entertaining.
I'm feeling quite queasy on the eve of the US election. Gods know, I'll be glad these endless months of ugly stupidity are over, but what if Trump actually wins?  I've never believed it could really happen, but everything seems so crazy these days...
Also saw a documentary about the trials of Anthony Wiener, a man cursed with a silly name, silly face and silly voice, who seemingly cannot control the urge to send nude, or good as, selfies of his skeletal body to young laydeez. The ensuing scandal and universal mockery destroyed his campaign for mayor of New York, and probably his marriage to Hillary's closest aide, who was often seen looking understandably mortified and grumpy. Great schadenfreude.

the prison system seems to be in complete collapse, now, with reports nearly every day of scary OZ-like antics. Two violent types from Pentonville are currently on the loose, after a fairly spectacular escape.
Oh, and what was the turnout like for the Anonymous demo the other night? Virtually no coverage, as usual... Must Google it, now.


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I rang my gas and electricity bods and got my fuel (and Maman's) price-fixed for the next 2 years, as I'm gambling that fuel prices are going to go up soon from the drop in the pound, and I'm expecting the pound to stay low or fall further in the next 2 years. Might be something worth considering?

Yeh, done that. Thanks for mentioning it, though.
Think you're right on the continued fall of the pound,and price rises alas.

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