Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Weekend Wailing...

For the first time in over ten years, I switched the the heat on last night, before the first of December. I'm getting so feeble. It really is colder than it's been for a long time, though. Perhaps we'll actually have a winter this year.
This depression is ridiculous. Some days, I really find it impossible to move, even to write/draw/read a book. I usually spend most of the day in front of the box.
I watched a few episodes of THE CROWN, out of cuiosty, and it seems better than usual for that sort of thing. I think I was vaguely aware that they set up an operating theatre in the palace to whack out George VI's cancerous lung. I didn't know , though, that he was later EMBALMED 'at home', with Princess Margaret watching and a-weeping! Ewwww. Strange are the ways of the Royals.
HIM, a sort of Carrie-as-a-boy yarn, was passable. Only three eps, which is about what it could sustain. They shouldn't try another series.
CLASS is also reasonably OK, but I hope it doesn't go on for too long.
PARANOID has limped from intriguingly mad to complete idiocy, and not of the entertaining kind. Thankfully, it finishes this week.
I've also watched some of BLACK MIRROR , series 3. motodraconis , there's an episode that might really interest you...

Last night's dream: I was having trouble getting to the airport, via the dirty 70's NY Subway, again. The airport is dark and grubby, too. I'm afaid I'll miss my flight. Johnny Depp has invited me to one of his mansions to work on some high profile project with him. I'm getting panic-stricken, but when I explain to the snooty check-in staff, they're polite, and let me in, for fear of annoying Mr Depp.

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