Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Grizzling Again...

Bloody strange news item a few minutes ago. This man walked into a DIY shop, in Sheffield, I think, lopped off one of his big toes with a bolt cutter and ate it! Wot the fuckin' fuck, etc. Life just gets more unreal by the minute...
I continue grunting in my boring Slough of Despond. It;s so insane, because I should feel a lot better about life. I'm not in a slave job any more.I've lost a lot of weight, though not nearly enough, through getting my op, at long last, my wee inheritance made me able to do a little travelling, even though it's nearly gone, now, and I'm headed back to the breadline,AND FactorFiction is kindly putting a lot of my old strips into proper books... It all seems too late, though. If this stuff had happened 30 years, ago, say, I might have been able to make more of it. Now, it just feels like I'm dead already...Sorry to say such dreary stuff, but hey, that's what depression is like. Blub.
My new hangout, Coffee Lovers, has been mysteriously shut for two days, just when I was getting into the habit of going there to write my dreams down, after my feeble workout. Hope it's not permanent. There are no signs or anything.



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