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I didn't even wake until past eight, by the purring Moon snuggling under my arm. (She's not supposed to be on the bed, of course.) Then, I just wanted to sleep all day, as usual. I just feel so feeble. I wonder if I'll ever produce anything half worth looking at again? THE FALL finished. It was creepy and interesting, but pretty silly, when it came down to it.  I certainly wouldn't fancy being anywhere near that high-security(!) nuthouse, where they were holding the insanely handsome murderer.


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Well, personally I love your work. You have an incredible eye for capturing characters, super deft!
Vargr tells me you guys are thinking of your birthday weekend for Comics at Bumcrack, I heartily approve!

Yeah, Selina posted that the current MCR date under consideration was my birthday weekend. That would be cool, although I'll probably be more miserable than usual. (Don't care for birthdays....)

That's fine, we'll bumble around you... I'm good at bumbling, and there will be space to retreat if you need solitude. And well, gloom can get the old muse going, so you'll be in top drawing form!

You might get Sausaged, one night only*, but he's pretty good tonic against glums.

* Possibly for a bit of a day too, as Maman wants to go shopping in Brighton and can leave the pooch with us. He's actually really good with a crowd of bods, no trouble!

Yay. I'll book me a fortnight's flights and put the 22nd in the centre of it. I've a bit of a glum thing around then too so I could use the tonic. Jay and I had a wee chat about sharing the scripts, so am looking forward to continuing that.

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