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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Super STRANGE...
The cinema was about 3/4 full yesterday, something I've never seen before at an old gits' matinee.
I'd thought I was pretty much superheroed out, but the new DOCTOR STRANGE is a trippy delight. The CGI effects are smashing, with lots of INCEPTION-sytle bendy buildings and stuff. I wish I could have seen the 3D version, actually. The jokes are decent, and the cast is ultraplus good. Benedict Cumberbatch is an excellent Strange. We even get a flash of surprisingly hench Cumbertorso, unless that's CGI too.
The Ancient One and Mordo undergo sex/race changes in support of diversity, I guess, but the platinum- haired Clea, with the horn-like forelocks hasn't appeared yet.
Creepily charismatic Mads Mikkelsen makes a superb foil as a lapsed follower of The Ancient One, and it's all rollicking good fun. It even perked me up for a couple of hours.
I'm still in a world o' pain, though . My joints are absurdly owie. It feels like my legs are totally giving out. Yowtcha!
Still coughing, too.
I'd been starting to worry about the ginger stray. but he turned up this morning,and this old lady (about my age) came out and said he'd had a nasty abscess so someone took him to the vet, and they located the owner, who lives on the estate, and is trying to re-home him, as he (the owner-) has allergies. (So do I...) He was kept indoors until his antibiotic course finished, but now he's chucked out, again. Damn, I do wish I could take him.


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