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Ludicrous to feel so frightened and miserable about going to Rome soon.Every time I travel, the actual process of getting somewhere without  missing the connections, falling down, getting mugged,killed by terrorists, etc. gets more worrying. Jeez.
Got dog drool and mud all over me yet again:infuriating.
Continuing to binge on AMERICAN HORROR STORY 5. It's OK, but I think me favourite seasons are still the Asylum and Freak Show ones. Lady Gaga is aquitting herself well as the Countess, and she looks fab in a selection of extravagant outfits.
Also watched a rather boring film about Charles Dickens' young mistress. He was such a shit to his poor old wife, and generally not a very likeable person, I've read. Don't know how you could have sex with somebody sporting such a bizarre beard, either.



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