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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Ludicrous to feel so frightened and miserable about going to Rome soon.Every time I travel, the actual process of getting somewhere without  missing the connections, falling down, getting mugged,killed by terrorists, etc. gets more worrying. Jeez.
Got dog drool and mud all over me yet again:infuriating.
Continuing to binge on AMERICAN HORROR STORY 5. It's OK, but I think me favourite seasons are still the Asylum and Freak Show ones. Lady Gaga is aquitting herself well as the Countess, and she looks fab in a selection of extravagant outfits.
Also watched a rather boring film about Charles Dickens' young mistress. He was such a shit to his poor old wife, and generally not a very likeable person, I've read. Don't know how you could have sex with somebody sporting such a bizarre beard, either.


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100% adorable drawing! I sympathise about the travel wibbles. Despite travel being my life's passion, when it comes to just before it I would rather do anything than go. I just let myself get on with it these days, because I know when I actually go I'll feel completely differently. It would be nice to look forward to it more, but hey ho. I'm going to Antarctica in January, somewhere I've always wanted to go, on a yacht with seven other people and camping on the ice - we booked it two years ago and I think I think I had about five minutes of delight before being consumed with terror. Being eaten by an orca was the least of it. (I know I seem to be swanning off on a lot of holidays at once, but we've only had one week off in the last two years and my friend is keen to try and improve her eyesight if she can before Antarctica.)

Wow, Antarctica! Total fascination!

If I survive the orcas, I'll try and post something about it when I come back instead of hijacking your journal:).

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