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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Creepy Crawly....
ropey old twat
Latest 'nervous breakdowm' manifestation... I've got that sensation that microscopic insects are swarming all over my body constantly. Yaaah!
Finished watching the first season of CLEVERMAN. It's proper excellent.
In other couch potato news, I've started, at last, to watch AMERICAN HORROR STORY, series 5, which is grosser than ever. Golly Gosh! Lady GaGa is involved, too. The 'hotel' is absolutely astonishing. Could it possibly be real? CGI, I guess, but stunning.
PARANOID , despite its interestingly crazy start, really isn't worth watching, although I'll stick with it to the finale, I suppose.
The miserable cold everyone's getting seems to be attacking me again. Sneezing all day, sore throat. worse-than-usual aches and pains; completely unable to do anything worthwhile; ugh. I wish if I'm going to get the full lurgy, I'd get it, and be done with it.
Less than three weeks before my trip to Rome. I'm shamefully scared of going on my own, and I really don't want to. "Just' the self-sabotage of depression, I suppose. I do wish I'd had the chance to travel more when I was young and strong. Everything is such an effort, now. I'm still grateful. though. that I've been able to see some wonderful things, even in my decrepitude.
According to the news there seems to be something sinister going on at London City Airport, plus two suspicious items on the tube, over the last couple of days. Wibble.

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The insect thing is called formication (note the m, rather less fun than the version with the n) and is definitely not a sign of incipient craziness. Re the travelling - you're entitled to a certain wibbliness. Travelling alone is a daunting prospect for most people and I think you're gutsy doing it. You always enjoy it when you get there though! I'll be in Berlin while you're there so I'll give you a cross-continental wave:).

Ohh Berlin! I'd love to go there, too. "Formication" is the word I was trying to think of, but kept thinking "Formulation" (Creeping senility!) It's unpleasant, but not uninteresting. Thanx for reminding me.

I was last in Berlin in 1991 and loved it. This time I'm accompanying my best friend/business partner who's having treatment for her severely glaucoma-damaged vision. That only takes an hour a day though so we hope to cram in a lot of touristing in the rest of the two weeks. Also visiting Belgium for the first time plus a whirlwind couple of weeks in Birmingham/Wales/London and back home the week before Xmas. I haven't been to Rome since 1985, but I was completely enchanted with it and I'm sure you'll have a splendid time.

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