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Ailin' AGAIN....
Originally posted by crazycrone at Ailin' AGAIN....
It felt lovely and crisp this morning, and I had a good workout, but my nose was already blocked, since yesterday, and my joints were super-hurty, especially my knees and thumbs. I'm sooo tired of feeling isolated and incapable, trying to draw. write, etc. and getting nowhere, so decided to go to the pictures. I knew INFERNO was going to be moronic shite, but fancied checking out the location scenes of Florence, Venice and Istanbul. It was,indeed, ludicrous, but actually, I didn't hate it as much as I expected to. The travelogue aspect was nice, and there was a lot of pretty perky action, culminating in a manic showdown in the gorgeous Cistern in Istanbul. (I've been there. Heh!)
I always find it curious how repellent I find Tom Hanks. I mean, he's a fair enough actor, and he's not ugly or anything. but I always want to spew at the sight of him...
Anyway, I was so sore by the end, that I could barely stand up, and going down two flights of stairs was agony, so I went home by bus. When I got home, I indulged in a Tramadol. but I've still got a headache. Joints are a little better, though. Fap!


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