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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Duvet Day...
I was hoping for that proper rainy day. Instead it was what my sister and I used to call 'jammy' for some reason; an annoying wet day that clears up, etc. all day long. I felt like I should go exercise after all, of course, but just couldn't face it. I was snoozing again by lunchtime. Meh. My 'accomplishments' were bleaching my hair and cleaning the cat box. The place is still generally a wreck.
Watched a really dumb Scandi tec film last night, DEPARTMENT Q, or something. Far-fetched? Yow!
I also saw another rubbish film during the week A SONG FOR MARION; good cast wasted on mawkish tale of a dying choir member and her crabby husband, who becomes nice in truibute to her once she's snuffed it. Barf.
I had little interest in WESTWORLD, but it's much more complex and interesting than the film, and I've really liked the first two episodes. I was even less inclined to watch CLEVERMAN, but by gum. it's riveting. I gobbled down the first three eps, and am having to restrain myself from watching the rest tonight. If you've not seen, check it out on iPlayer pronto!

Too weary and achy to scrawl in the doodlediary, so here's a random past entry:

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