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Brexit-Crazed Bullies...
R Next Door was on Clapham Common chatting with a dogwalking chum about wildlife, in her strong Austrian accent, and was barracked by a couple of middleaged fishermen..."You're not British! Go home, ya foreign cunt!" etc. She's pretty enraging,given, but she wasn't saying anything controversial, nor speaking to these guys at all. Fortunately,an elderly man ("Such a gentleman!") who was passing, came over and consoled her. All this is so disturbing...She pointed out, kindly, that it could be my NY twang that draws fire next. I find that difficult to believe, but I never imagined that people would be killed for walking down the street eating chips while  being Polish, either. How can we stop this?
The newish MACBETH film was pretty decent. It was certainly visually impressive.
I continue to feel like I'm on the verge of flu. Maybe this is just the default setting for old people. Grunt.


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I got a stupid cold too. I put it down to the change of season.

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