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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Slumped Before the Box...
Finished the last series of HANNIBAL. That series was something else. I did have a problem, sometimes with the extreme darkness, it could be difficult to see what was going on. It was wonderfully arty-looking though; some super, quite creepy imagery.
Looking forward to the last of this season's RIPPER STREET tonight. It's been building nicely to what should be an intense climax.
POLDARK continues to bore me, but I like the old Auntie with the cards.
The new season of THE FALL has started.OTT but interesting, still.
I was hoping for great, mad things from PARANOID, but I'm not so sure now. It may be a bit too loopy.I mean, don't tell me the bitchy, 'baby-hungry' tec and her strange young sidekick are gonna fall in lurve! ...'The Ghost Detective'!?
Strange young sidekick's mad mother?...and that kindly Quaker lady who's grooming Panic Attack Man, there's gotta be something Wrong there....
Best thing going at the moment is NATIONAL TREASURE. a very engrossing character study, with cracking thesping byRobbie Coltrane and Julie Walters. I really have no idea where it's going, or if the accused comic is actually guilty.