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Still Crazy...
I keep waking up nauseous and headachy and thinking I don't want to live in this world any more. Not that I'm actually inclined to top myself, but life is just so grim. I know, I'm not exactly in Aleppo, or something, but it's still grim. Grim, grim, grim ...
R Next Door is still incommunicado. I heard her yelling at Lula, but she was invisible, somewhere. I think she resents it when she comes back from staying with her 'normal' friends in Essex, having to be in this council dive, living with 'lowlife losers' like me. She doesn't believe that social housing should exist, as it just encourages people to go on benefits, etc. Oy.
Listened to some of the Debate. So very bizarre...Trump's childish manner of speech ( 'bad people', etc. all the time) just astounds me, and that creepy wheedling whine...Obama's warmth and style will be so much missed, apart from anything else. Seems Hillary came out of it pretty much on top, anyway.
I've never read the POLDARK books, and saw very little of the old TV version, as I found it boring then, but the current series is really pretty tedious, IMO. It's got that 'Sunday evening crap' quality. like DOWNTON, Mr SELFRIDGE. CALL THE MIDWIFE and such, that people just seem to lap up blissfully. Oh, well, I always was 'abnormal',


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So sorry you're feeling so low. Brilliant drawings like this one are a reason all by themselves to keep sticking around.

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