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Messed up...

Felt ill and crazy all day, yet again. I was all queasy and head-swimmy in the park, and just went upstairs after giving the ginger stray a bellyrub. I was hoping to get my fucking self-assessment form done at last, after putting it off for so long. I have absolutely no understanding of what to do, and I don't actually have any income apart from State pension and disability living, which isn't taxed. I'm scared, but they didn't bother me last time, so maybe I did it properly.
R Next Door was having one of her 'Hitler was right ' rambles. My head was splitting, by then.
The PC is really just about totally kaput, now, and despite people's kind suggestions, I've had no improvement.
There's been some interesting TV stuff, especially a film about this wild and crazy guy. Bob Parks, whose performance art consists largely of yelling ,writhing avout in brightly coloured posing pouches, and blasting tunelessly into flutes. He also paints, which is easier to take in large doses. He was always eccentric, but after his marriage broke down, he went really tonto, and ended up at home taking care of his ancient mother, which seemed to rehabilitate him. Unfortunately, one day he drove into a tree, while his mum was a passenger, and she died.
It seems his work is starting to get more recognition since that, anyway...
Can't  download any doodles, damn it...


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