Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

More Creepy Comics...

While looking out that HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES cover, I got to thinking on another CLASSIC comic story that freaked me out as a little kid, hilarious as it looks now. THE FLAYED HAND, an early de Maupassant potboiler concerns a Bad Man who decides that he hates humanity so much, he's just gonna kill everyone. He gabs an axe and starts with his wife. Then he runs off down the street bawling 'Die! Die! Die', gets killed himself my a vigilante mob, but returns to take cruel revenge...
The pages here contain the head shots of the killer that scared me most, and like The Hound, had to be kept covered up, in case they came to life and went of a lethal rampage. (I was a weird kid from the start-) The killer was depicted topless, his flesh a strange greenery-yallery, with long, lank hair, whereas other males were depicted with tidy 50's hairstyles. He also had fangs...


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