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More Creepy Comics...
While looking out that HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES cover, I got to thinking on another CLASSIC comic story that freaked me out as a little kid, hilarious as it looks now. THE FLAYED HAND, an early de Maupassant potboiler concerns a Bad Man who decides that he hates humanity so much, he's just gonna kill everyone. He gabs an axe and starts with his wife. Then he runs off down the street bawling 'Die! Die! Die', gets killed himself my a vigilante mob, but returns to take cruel revenge...
The pages here contain the head shots of the killer that scared me most, and like The Hound, had to be kept covered up, in case they came to life and went of a lethal rampage. (I was a weird kid from the start-) The killer was depicted topless, his flesh a strange greenery-yallery, with long, lank hair, whereas other males were depicted with tidy 50's hairstyles. He also had fangs...

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You'd think the fangs and green skin might have given a hint that the guy was not right. Not that I want to come across as disnormalist or anything.

Having to cover stuff doesn't sound weird to me. As a child I was terrified of skulls and couldn't look at them. Maman had a Jean Michel Jarre LP with a skull on it that had to have a permanent cover stuck over it as the thought of accidentally seeing it poking out of the record collection was too much for me. Dad got me to draw my own cover, so I drew galaxies and planets on a piece of card which he used to conceal the horror, I was very wee at the time. (Dad was great at using art to fight nightmares, he also painted me a huge poster of Asterix and Obelix to hang over my bed to bash any skulls coming at me in nightmares.)

Mind you, that LP cover is still the stuff of nightmares I wish I hadn't just looked it up. Gah!

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Having to cover stuff doesn't sound weird to me.

+1. When I read The Shining I had to remove it from the room before I could go to sleep. And I wun't no child neither.

Must say I never heard of anyone being scared by a plain print book. I thought I was the only one who thought that pictures were some kind of sentient beings, and nasty ones could harm you.The whole idea fascinates me.

There were about half a dozen of these 'dangerous' images that had to be carefully kept covered. Another one was about a chest containing 'the treasure of Medusa.' Whwn the Bad Man killed its guardians and gloatingly threw it open. He said 'Noooo! Arrrrrgh!' and turned to stone. A final spash panel revealed her head leering up triumphantly.
perhaps the one I was most terrified of was this Pepsi/Breyer's Ice Cream (or Coke?) Pixie, which was shown in a starry sky pointing at a bottle of the stuff, and used to really disturb me! XD

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Yes, that OYGENE cover is pretty scary!

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