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Hellfire & Damnation...
Feels bloody hotter than ever, although I know it's not as bad as Tuesday. With any luck, though. tomorrow WILL be better.
I swiped at something on my neck in LIDL, which went down my back and wriggled about. I couldn't reach it, and feared it was a wasp that was going to sting hell out of me, until I could get home and strip. It turned out to be a spider, which is now frisking about the flat, somewhere...I skipped exercise yet again. I have to go back to the hospital agai torrow, too. I was going to have  to wait for another ultra scan on my bad leg, but they phoned this morning, and said there'd been a cancellation, so I might as well get it done with now.

Throwback Thursday Doodles...

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Weather started off cooler here but I had clothes needing dried and the flat is now a sauna. Raindancing will come. Belfast Culture Night is tomorrow, so I'll bet this whole city will be drenched together.

Got your brolly handy? Not long now.

Btw love love loving today's selection. Your productivity is amazing.

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