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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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General Grumbles...
Lord save us, we perish!  Yesterday turned out to be the 13th, not the 14th, as I had believed in my senility, so I sloped to St Thomas' for nothing. Now I have to do it again, and I feel so frelled, I've even had a day off  'working out' . I didn't wake up until nearly 8:00, due to not sleeping well last night. (Air! Give me air!) and the sun was already steaming. Yesterday was the hottest September day in 100 years. Fuck this shit, sez I!
The murder mystery ONE OF US ended, and on the whole, I thought it was kind of overcomplicated and silly, although it had looked promising at the start.
R Next Door has gone invisible again, presumably staying on with her friends in Essex. Kinda hope she doesn't actually move, as she's always threatening to do. For one thing, she's said she'll take care of Moon for a few days, while I'm in Rome (November-) For another, I'll have nothing to scrawl in my doodlediary if she's not around abusing me, and the world in general, with her verbal venom. She's some kind of company, as well. When I finally escaped the theatre switchboard, hoping to have a creative boom, I found myself going downhill, instead, as some of my friends had warned me; 'If you have nothing to rage about, you might lose your edge.'...
Further annoyance. Some critter has bitten my left ring finger, right on the knuckle, and my hand has gone all  blown up  and deformed, like the doomed astronaut's in THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT, and itches like Hell.

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Is that from the 1955 Quatermass? I did enjoy that, seeming leaps ahead of when it was filled - just full-on tension and a feeling of live apprehension/creepiness.

Did you ever read Doomlord, btw? The sort of thing you might enjoy. They seemed to have a particular fetish for hands: big hands, giant hands, malformed hands, towering hands...the whole thing has been put online by some bod here.

Hope your own monstrous digit clears up soon. The sun has had me blown out today. A nice late afternoon/early evening reading in the park was planned then, wham, four hours of sleep.

Nope, never heard of Doomlord. Must check it out. My fear fetish is heads: Floating, giant, shrunken, gorgon...
My 'Victor Caroom' hand was grotesque, but cleared up pretty well with antihistamine, and some Susocrem.

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