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IT Dieties, Assist Me...
'Kinnell, I am just so tired of trying to read (or do anything) on this PC. It's gotta be dealt with, somehow.
The weather forecast for next week threatens still more 30C days. Fuck this shit. It got very muggy again, today, and I had to schlep to the GP to have my asthma monitored. Thank gods, it seems pretty well controlled, all things considered.
I'm spendin far too much money in cafes these days. I do like glugging a flat white and looking at people, though. Lately, I've been going to Coffee Lovers on Wandsworth Rd, where I record my dreams. Several others seem to hang out there with notebooks, laptops, etc. It has a nice boho/creative vibe.
I watched that new series about VOGUE last night. Fashion's not my thing, but it was quite interesting.. It looks like total hell on earth.
There's something going on downstairs, loads of sirens, but I can't actuall see anything. Must be around the other tower. Some poor old lady 100 years old got mugged yesterday. The perp got 300 quid, too, which she really shouldn't have been walking around with. So cruel...

Heres a belated throwback Thursday doodlediary...
Things were just as dull back then.

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This might help - it lists all the programs which are loaded and using up memory. You can switch them off so they don't load on startup & slow things down.

Anything with "helper" "assistant" or "updater" can usually be turned off ;)

Usually have to "run as administrator" to get it to work properly.

Is it a heavy thing or a laptop? If its portable we could take it to MCR at Bumcrack and maybe Vargr can give it a poke.

Thanks but it's a big 'un. I have to haul it to PC world, and I keep putting it off, 'cos I'm so lame.

Edited at 2016-09-10 09:52 am (UTC)

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