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Witchy Women...
It's been a busy time for mystically inclined womens' exhibits in London, recently. We've had Hilma af Klint, Georgiana Houghton, a big Georgia O'Keefe show at Tate Modern, and last week I went to Dulwich to see Winnifred  Knights. She was a terrific draughstwoman, and a great beauty. but sadly died quite young, leaving a smallish body of work. She's best remembered for 'The Deluge' , a huge, haunting vision of angular figures hopelessly fleeing Noah's Flood.
Constantly watching TV when I'm awake. BECK's unlucky-in-love sidekick, Gunvald, ran into his lost great romance, who got killed, of course, but not before informing him that he was the father of her son. I considered Gunvald a bit hott, until recently, when he appeared topless, revealing a horribly  curly-haired torso. That put me off somewhat. (I'm such a hypocrite when it comes to judging people by appearence...) Also caught THE MUMMY'S SHROUD, a not-too-bad Hammer Horror I don't remember seeing before, and Richard Burton as a badass, sadistic gangster in VILLAIN.which I think I had seen at some point. I remember the guy being tied to a chair, chopped about, and hung out the window. Bloody humidity is back, and it's going to be a hot week. Hell.


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Massive sulk! I will be going to Tate Modern in December and I love Georgia O'Keeffe, so am pouting to have missed that one. Tate Modern opened just after I left the UK so I'm looking forward to seeing it and walking over the Millennium Bridge (at bloody last, where did that sixteen years go). I'm glad LunaMoon is doing a good job of keeping you company in your misery.

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