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Cooler... :)
Very weird day, but before it got humid again, it felt lovely and fresh this morning, with a livening breeze. It's pretty windy, now, and I'm having trouble getting one of the damn windows to close properly.
This week's films: THE DEAD, a rather decent zombie film, made a bit different by being shot mostly in Ghana. It was quite gruesome, and the two main characters were sympathetic.
CANAL, which had been faily well received, put me to sleep halfway through.
I also saw LOVE & MERCY with Paul Dano as pre-breakdown Brian Wilson, John Cusack as his older self, and Paul Giamatti as his weirdo, manipulative shrink. There were all very good, and it was quite interesting.
I've been really suffering like crazy with the immobilising fatigue and depression, lately. Wonder if it's anything to do with my enfeebled immune system? (Recent news reports-)
I've been coveting one of those new Samsung7 phones with the stylus, etc. Seems they have a tendency to blow up, and have to be recalled, though. Can't afford one, anyway, and I don't know how to use the old phone I have.


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Don't let her get into your head! I can't think of anything you've reported that wasn't 100% twaddle.

Most of the time, I can 'block' the nastiness. but I can sometimes see 'the awful truth' in her verbal assaults. It's amazing how much she reminds me of my mother...

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