Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Just Gets Worse...

Although the temperature has mercifully gone down a little, and there's the odd breeze, the intense sticky, steamy humidity continues to torture. When I woke up this morning, I was dribbling copiusly, and wanted to vomit. Ugh. It feels like the air's thick with pollution, too.
I exercised, with still no sight of R and the dogs, then went down to the new Sainsbury's for a few bits. I'm living on ice lollies, which is probably making me properly diabetic, instead of 'pre-'. I really have to do that tax return that I don't understand, this week. It terrifies me. I don't have any income, apart from state pension and 'disabled' pittace. Jeez Louise...
Watched a couple of films; AUGUST, OSAGE COUNTY,a
 dysfuctional family opus, with some good performances, and and adaptation of BOOK OF BLOOD, which I couldn't follow, as the sound was quite indistinct, and there were no subtitles; didn't do much for me.
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER was won by the obnoxious Bear, although he seemed to be hated by the audience. The whole series was pretty obviously 'scripted', anyway. I would have liked to see Ricky ('FatBoy') win, as he came closest to maintaining some shreds of dignity and I liked Mob Wife Renee, as she had plenty of entertaining rants and abuse in her repertoire.
I haven't had the ambition to even scribble today, so here's a blast from the past my sister just sent. I don't remember ever seeing this photo before, but there's our squalid 50's sitting room...Even as a kiidy I was sickened by those slipcovers, drapes, etc. My father is looking a bit less frightening than usual, in those weird socks. I do love 'Biddy's'  chubby cherub bum!


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