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'Poached Eyes On Ghost'...
Ew, I look as 'orrible as I feel. I was out in the park quite early ,to do my stretches before the sun got really fierce. Then I dropped off the laundry, with a stop at Caffe Nero, and that's that. I felt like I was going to pass out, just walking home from Queenstown Road.
Oddly, Moon was quite perky, rolling around batting at her wand toy. etc. Stoopid animal...
The usual bad news coming in; big Earthquake in Italy, young people attacked in a hostel in Australia, one killed... It seems strange, all the random assaults. recently.
Many seem to have little to do with terrorism
There are so many unhappy, lonely young people with violent tendencies, it seems. Of course, such things have  always happened. They just get more coverage these  days, because everyone's jumpy about radical Islamists, I suppose.
Glad to see RIPPER STREET back on the BBC. I was watching it on the PC, but it's more comfortable on telly, with a bigger screen.
Also warched ONE OF US. a glum murder mystery. which looks OK so far.


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