Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Steam Heat...

Whew. too warm for me, but nowhere near the hideous temperatures that had been threatened. Concerned about my sis in upstaye NY, though.She finds heat hard to endure, these days, too.
I continue to gawk at CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, of course. It's becoming excessively 'staged.'. The psychotic antics of 'Bear'. constantly trashing the place, shamefully throwing food around, like a toddler, etc., are just too gross to be believed.
All this has gained him great popularity. Personally, I rather like the 'mob wife', Renee' with the frighteningly enhanced buttocks, but she, too, is obviously 'performing.'
I got 'Auntie'd again by the neighbour woman across the hall. I guess it's nice, in a way, but she looks bloody ancient, herself!


Watched one of those dreadful ancient films, WHILE I LIVE/ THE DREAM OF ALWEN, and piss-poor as it was, found myself strangely haunted by it.
Had a dream, (ERASERHEAD inspired?) that I went into hospital to have my varicose veins 'done' and woke to find I'd also had this monstrous baby called 'Chartreuse'. It was grotesque and sinister. I asked to have it adopted or 'put away' somewhere, but they said I was responsible for it. It was horrible and I wanted to kill it.

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