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Crazycrone's Corner

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Travel Thoughts...
Does anyone fancy six nights in Vienna/Bratislava in January? ( 3 star hotel, from a London airport ...£199.)
I saw it on offer  in the METRO. and have been thinking about it, although I find travel increasingly strenuous. All the more reason to go places while I still can.


  R Next Door is on a roll, again...

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I would state an interest, but I am, one, ill, and, two, in parlous financial straits.

I'm waiting to hear about a residency i've applied for- and also have a week booked in a cottage in Cornwall at the start of Jan. But am interested and will let you know asap.

:D Good luck! Is that for the bothy?

Ah... but is it Vienna? Or Bratislava? There's a BIG difference.

Both, three nights in each. I know eff all about Bratislava. Is it nice? Seems like quite a decent deal. in any event. and I've always wanted to visit Vienna.

Vienna is great, but 3 nights is probably more than adequate to sample the delights of Bratislava, which are somewhat limited. I went there in 2010, expect a great deal of snow in January. ;)

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