Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Most Insane Dream Ever...

Completely indescribable, of course. It screwed me up so much I couldn't get up until after 8, and my mind felt completely scrambled for ages. It was all in smeary, coloured outlines, like one of those old 3-D comics...Maybe I was having some sort of migraine in my sleep...
I was working at the theatre, and had switched my shift with a young lad who used to work there. I went shopping and stuff in the surrounding area, which is not like it 'really' is, but is usually the same, in my dreams. I'm expecting the place to be deserted except for a few stagehands clearing things out, as the theatre is closing for refurbishment. Instead I discover demanding crowds all over the place, mostly prissy chorus  women ( who nearly all disliked me-). 'corporate member' types and other champagne-swilling poshos. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, when I can go home, etc. Outside the stage door, there's also chaos, weird looking people wandering around speaking alien tongues, and often being rather menacing. There's lots of dirt and rubble, as the work has already started. Finally,when  I get away, it's very late at night, and I keep losing my way to the Strand, which is 'really' only steps away.I can't get a bus, and will have to walk all the way home, if I can find it. It's nearly dawn, and I'll probably not get much sleep before I have to come back. I ask directions a few times, but scornful people give me misinformation, etc. and it goes on and on... all quite unpleasant
I think I'm getting another fecking cold, and all.

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