Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Monday Again...

I continue in total torpor mode. I wish I could summon the strength to take the PC in to be sorted out. I really do need a home-visiting PC/printer fixer. I want to get a new phone, and a tablet, too, but I need someone to advise, and set me up. Meh.
Watched the rest of STRANGER THINGS, except for the bits I slept through. I rather enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but it became more soppy and boring as it went on. This week there's going to be fuck all but Olympics on the idiot box, so I'll be having a bit more Netflix orgying. There's ALWAYS CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, too...
I wonder if Phil Mitchell is actually going to be this years' Christmas Death on EASTENDERS? The makeup department is  going to town, as his alcoholic liver disintegrates, and he really looks a mess. Also brother Grant has returned, ostensibly to claw back some money from Phil, but he's already told Sharon how he still lurves her, and she made that gasping fishface that indicates passion.


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