Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Crazy Old Cat Lady...

Rain this morning, and I had to take ages to send off submissions for Girl/Crone Frenzy project, late,of course.
After that, a thrilling trip to the launderette, a coffe at Costa, and a late 'workout', which always annoys me.
While walking through the low-rise flats, I heard a mewling cry that I thought was the mad old lady who often calls and waves at me from the balcony. It was a young white and orange cat, very friendly, with a sore-looking ear. I hope it belongs to someone, and is being treated. I always get a bit worried when I see cats running around loose, especially with that cat killer still at large. Now I'll be looking for it all the time to make sure it's OK. I told it to seek me out, if it needed help!
BIG BROTHER ended with melancholy , moody Jason a surprise winner. I'd favoured him at first, because it seemed very cruel to tormrent him by having his deranged ex in the house, trying constantly to win him back. (Cruel to allow her to make such a show of herself as well.) He seemed to deal with it as kindly and calmly as possible, but after she'd been evicted, he got very grumpy and moany. My top fave had been Andy, and I'd expected Hughie to win it. Celebrity BB next week!
The BERG murder mysteries on BBC4 seem considerably more interesting, this series. I particularly liked the one with the art forging gang.
I'm sure I've read THE SECRET AGENT at some point but don't really remember it. The BBC adaptation is OK so far, though.
It's gone all miserably muggy again, so I'm going to eat pizza in my annoyance. Fap!

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