Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Today's doodles: Right side up at least,even though I can't crop them. Very odd.

I've got a really annoying headache again. I'm pretty sure the humidity is involved. I'm also still coughing violently. Fuck... Got the last B12 shot for the present out of the way, but may have to go back to the surgery in a week or so, if the cough keeps up. Bah.
Fingers crossed for Moon, whose kidney levels are still a bit raised, but the concentration of her urine is OK now. She survived the trip to the vet (and so did I-), mercifully without running into R Next Door hurling jeremiads at us. Cat seems in fine fettle, now, despite it still being 'orribly hot...A lot better that the last few days, though, praise be.
I actually pissed myself a bit larfing at VERSAILLES last night...One of the all time gems of awfulness.
Looking forward to the film about Peggy Guggenheim on BBC4 tonight (10 PM) She seems such an intriguing character.

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