Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Horribly Scorchio...

Watched a bit of DESOLATION OF SMAUG again, and it seemed a bit less atrocious than when I saw it before. It definitely was the best of the plodding, overlong HOBBIT trilogy. Strange, though, I really enjoyed all the LORD OF THE RINGS films, which were also leisurely in the extreme, but found the HOBBIT series quite irritating and dull. As for the books, to me, they're unreadable pompous waffle.
Was creeped our by a docudrama about a day of tragedies on K2, that killed about 13 climbers. There was one scene of a guy sliding screaming over a ledge, that was particularly scary. It must have been a re-creation, but at first, I thought it was real. Cannot fathom why people go anywhere near bloody mountains.
Still having a lot of trouble with the PC, and R Next Door was hassling me to do some copying, so she wouldn't have to leave the dogs, especially old Lula in the car while she did it. She acted as though the difficulty was my fault, Gods know, I was feeling quite ill, myself, and was probably 'grumpy' with her.
I'm still coughing really heavily, and will probably have to go back to the doctor next week. Fuck.
Had another B12 shot. The nurse always says 'Prick coming!' before she jabs me.

(Upside down due to printer not working properly...)

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