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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Crumbly And Crabby...
There was an enormous fire at an industrial estate down the road last night, quite a spectacle. R Next Door thought we were all going to die, and kept ringing my bell, banging on the door, and phoning (my switched-off mobile) 'I wanted to save-your poor little creature'. (She's still afraid of getting over-familiar with Moon.) I heard none of this, and sat gaping at BIG BROTHER. I didn't even smell it, due to being bunged up. Damn, that's a bit scary. I would have liked to look, too.
R was also kind enough to remind me yet again that I 'looked healthier before that terrible operation. Yew had not one wrinkle...*Sigh*' What would yew have been like if yew had never fucked up your body with medication and bad NHS treatment?'
In a wheelchair, probably, or if I hadn't taken thyroxine for the last 40 years, maybe a zombie, or even dead, I ventured...'I think yew are also more grumpy since yew lost weight.'  Groan.
When I got to the nurse (nearly an hour's wait past my appointment time-) for the B12 shot, she commented on my 'nasty chesty cough' and said I should get antibiotics. I told her I've only had it a few days. I'd really like to avoid taking them too often.
Saw a very interesting documentary about WW1 artist/writer David Jones, author of IN PARENTHESIS, which I'd   actually never heard of !

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I'm somewhat mystified as to why R 1) wanted to save your poor little creature but not you and 2) rhinks you wouldn't save your poor little creature yourself (too grumpy perhaps, now you're so thin and wrinkly)? As ever with R's motivations, probably better not to speculate:). PS you don't look in the least wrinkly anyway in those photos!

Indeed. I love the photos. You look great these days. A weight loss for me to aspire to, and your fatty-celebre of the past spared me foolish depression over my own state.

Thanks. I've often noted that blokes, especially drop a lot of weight QUICKLY if they cut down on beer. Dunno if that applies to you, of course.
As a convert, much as I still hate it, to exercise, I believe that helps, too. At least firming up a bit gives yer a little more 'shape'. It was 'that awful operation' that really did it, though. I'd never been able to lose before, whatever I ate, or didn't.

She thought I might want to die, but Moon should be saved, even though she's doomed to an early death by living in a flat, and my letting them remove her rotten abscessed teeth, which should have been left to fall out 'naturally'...
I have to admit I wasn't wrinkly in the photo with the black specs, before weight loss. I used to have no neck at all, now I kind of have one, but it's all tortoisey. Whaddya gonna do?

Ares. I completely forgot to check in on your teeth update. Not still abcessed?

To be honest, the pixie haircut and thinner face make you look younger to me.
The neck might be looser but it's also longer so it's swings and roundabouts there. You can always stick a delicate scarf on if it bugs you.

Yup, the ol' neckerchief is the crone's friend!

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