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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Sneezy Summer Days...

Thank the gods for muted sun and a bit of breeze. The pollen is intense today. My nose is running constantly.
At least old Lula dog isn't suffering from it too much, at the moment.
It's a relief that the total sport inundation ends today, too. Feels like tennis and footie have been ruling the airwaves for months.
BBC 4 did cut us a break last night with an engrossing Scandi flick, A HIJACKING, starring Pilou Asbaek, who seems to be in everything from those parts, and is now in GOT, as well. It was quite tense, at times, and you had to feel for the captives, forced to slaughter goats, piss in the corner, and wear the same clothes for FOUR MONTHS, etc. It was rather similar to the Tom Hanks vehicle CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, but better.
Got soaked through, walking home at the wrong moment from the High Street. Even strong antihistames aren't helping my endlessly oozing nose and eyes, either. Vile.

I've had the first B12 shot, and alas, can't say the doctor's promise that I would 'feel good' has come true yet. I remember decades ago that some people involved in a pretty athletic musical were sent to a doctor every week for 'B12 shots' and used to buzz like mad afterwards . I guess there must have been some.'secret ingredient' iin the mix. Fap.


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Because they have good taste :-)

Sending hugs on yr pollen pox.
On GOT, was delighted to see Jorah Mormont pop up in Se3 of Being Human on Netflix doing a wonderful job as McNair. Not sure how I managed to miss the show first time round.

The bottom drawing - ded of teh cute. Your dog depiction skills are unsurpassed on the adorability scale.

Thanks! I love their goofy faces.

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