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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Third trip to the chemist to try to get these fucking B12 syringes. Tuesday they said come back Wednesday, yesterday, come back today. Now they can't find any record of them having been prescribed! Fuck my old boot! I know it's trivial first world grumping, but simple things are always made so complicated. it seems. Not to mention the fact that I should have been 'on' the stuff for the past four years already.
I'm having a lot of trouble with the PC again, too, and I'd wanted to submit some stuff for an anthology. Bugger.
So very tired; Bleh.
Dreamed about shopping in a huge NY department store, looking for comics. I meet Doris Lessing.who is veru patronising and annoying, and a woman friend of hers, also a prissy old thing. We have a history of  a snippy acquaintance, and fall out again, near a display of tins of house paint.
Still watching VERSAILLES. I'm sure the script writer must have done THE TUDORS, too. It's hilarious, and I do enjoy all the glitz and glamour.
THE LIVING AND THE DEAD is improvong a bit. Still a bit tame, though. More gruesomeness!
I'm obsessed with BIG BROTHER's Chelsea. There's something very peculiar going on there. He's the effete-looking. 40-ish Asian guy who shaves his hands, and has a coiffure like a Lego person's. He's supposed to be some sort of tycoon, and runs a Bentley, so WTF is he doing on BB? ...'The experience.' he says. Nah, I think he's .a mole.


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simple things are always made so complicated. it seems

How true! My business partner and I are coming to the UK for a couple of weeks in November/December (first time in seventeen years) and we are bracing ourselves for the all-too-familiar terrible service, utter lack of organisation, and heroic quantities of moaning. (That last bit will be us.)

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