Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

What Next?...

It's been another week of weird unpleasantness, and fears for the future. The Boris thing is quite intriguing. I'd noticed that he was surprisingly subdued when he 'should' have been elated about the 'Leave' victory. Wonder if he did support BREXIT as a publicity thing, not expecting to actually win, and realised the horror of the situation? ...And what is it Gove et al have on him, as well?

  • Yesterday, I distracted myself by going to the Courtauld Galleries to see the strange, early abstract works of Georgiana Houghton. I don't care much for abstract stuff as a rule, but these haunting evocations of her religous altered states, and visions of people's spirits were fascinating.

I've noticed that that the latest horrible attack on Istanbul has had much less publicity that other recent massacres. Maybe it's just that atrocoties have become so 'ordinary' to those of us not directly involved..Nasty.

Watched some more of HANNIBAL series 3, and a very dull
HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, with poor Anthony Hopkins suffering under an extremely rubbish makeup job.


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