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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Had to do something, but just go comatose in front of the TV. I went to see the BP Portrait Award show, which was pretty much as usual. A lot of very skilled photorealism, but most of it pretty bland and uninteresting... I also had a look at some examples of Lucian Freud's bequest; sketchbooks, etc. Another current exhibit is 'Now You See Me', a small selection of portrait sculptures by Thomas J Price. I found them very intriguing, especially a huge aluminium head glowing in a dark alcove. Cool.
I continue in a sort of baffled daze of gloom.Everything is just so unbelievable. Farage's loathesome crowing in Brussels was just so shameful. Despite the response of profound disgust, he was so pleased with himself!
The final episode of GAME OF THRONES 6 provided some relief, anyway. Cracking stuff. The music was excellent, it looked amazing, and there was mayhem aplenty.


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I wasn't that fussed on this season of GoT as a whole, but the finale was terrific. It's saying something when you look to GoT as a relaxing alternative to the real world.

Still not doing as much work as I should due to obsessive reading of UK newspapers. I think I'm hoping if I press refresh one more time the whole thing will magically disappear.

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