Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Oh  joy, looks like extra-high pollen for a few days. I've already sneezed myself into a nosebleed this morning.
I continue to feel miserable about the insane Brexit decision. I just don't see any good at all coming out of this for anyone, anywhere. I've been looking at requirements for getting an Irish or German passport...Just fantasising, of course. I can't afford to uproot myself, apart from anything else. It's all so complicated, too. For one thing, you have to speak fairly fluent German, to settle there. Actually, I think this is a good idea, but again, I'm too old and soft-brained to learn another language.
Ever since the referendum, I've been guzzling junk food non-stop, too. Must quit this crap today.
In the escape into fantasy department, I've found a new guilty pleasue in LOCKED UP, a bit like OITNB with extra outrageousness. THE LIVING AND THE DEAD is pretty lame, on the basis of the first episode,
I keep dreaming about Soho in the old days; smoky dives full of creators and criminals.


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