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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Mostly TV...
Actually impoving, I think, but still headachy. Managed to go out yesterday, exercise and visit LIDL without barfing or falling over, at least. Bloody humid, this morning though, and all the sneezing isn't helping my head.
Watched LIFE ITSELF, a biog of the film critic Roger Ebert. Poor guy really came to the most horrendous death, losing his whole lower jaw to cancer. He was left hideous to look at and voiceless, yet he seems to have remained almost jolly to the end. Makes me ashamed to be so feeble.
I have, as always, become hooked on BIG BROTHER. I'm fascinated by the 'relationship' of this EASTENDERS-type businessman, Jason, and his bunny-boiling ex, a stripper who wants to get back with him. They were only together for a few months, and he really doesn't want to know, but seems to be trying to be chivalrous, as she throws herself at him with increasin desperation.
It's so embarrassing that you can't help being intrigued. It also takes me back to my teens and early 20's,when I was continually falling 'in love' with guys who were either not interested at all, or just wanted the odd fuck, not the ROMANCE I believed in at the time. Excruciating to recall some of the sad antics I got up to, trying to win over/ back some guy who actually wasn't all that, anyway.
At my worst, though, I never attempted to seduce the mortified object of my obsession  by lapdancing for him in front of the assembled 'housemates' and a TV audience. Jeez Louise!
Very annoyed to see that PENNY DREADFUL has been cancelled after three seasons. The last one wasn't quite as good, admittedly. but was still better than most stuff on TV; wittily weird and sometimes rather scary.