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Missed Out Again...
Well, I feel even worse than yesterday; didn't even get up until after eight. Never got to meet Carol Tyler. I went out to wait for the bus, but felt so bad... I was very shaky, and afraid of puking on public transport, so wobbled back indoors. I hope I lose a pound or two from all this, at least. I'm also angry with myself, as I'm sure it's partly psychological, too. I nearly always get sick when I have to do something social/involving being cooped up with a lot of people. Fuck.

Whoa, GAME OF THRONES produced a classic penultimate episode extravaganza; Major character(s) die 'orrible/ spectacular, head-chopping battles/ hot dragon action... Wheee!

Later: Still crook, about to slump back and watch BIG BROTHER. I'm so vexed about missing the Laydeez thing. Bah...

Yes I am poorly...



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