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Wotta Week!...
Just the news has been completely exhausting, from the tragic, (Orlando massacre, and the child killed by alligator in a Disney park-, the Jo Cox killing,etc...) to the unbelievably ludicrous (Geldof/Farrage naval battle, BHS destroyer Philip Green chastising enquiring MPs for giving him the stinkeye, and fiddling with their specs!...) I really don't know if I'm awake any more!
Most of the time, of course, I'm just nodding in front of the TV, feeling ill. I caught HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, with Vincent Price , on Talking Pictures. It was so much more entertaining than the remake. I vividly remember seeing it at the Mineola (A cinema so crumby they didn't even have the 'Emergo' skeleton...) as a kid. I was quite frightened by a papier mache severed head in a box, though,and the gliding old lady. We had great, simple fun, siometimes. We screamed the place down, joyously.
DISPARUE, the latest subtitled Saturday thriller on BBC4 has finished. It was no masterpiece; not terribly original, and I had the killer spotted pretty much from the start. Still, I found it very entertaining. It was well acted, and set in Lyons, which I've never been to, so it was nice to have the odd look at it.
At the moment. my headache is pretty bad, AND I'm having stomach cramps, hot flashes, and intense nausea.WTF!? I must have some sort of virus. There was thistledown all over the park, blowing in my face, and I'm itchy, now, too.
Think I'll have a wee nap, then.


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Jaysus, that sounds horrible - hope you feel better soon!

Thanks. Still a bit meh. I think it IS a virus, as a lot of people are under the weather, lately and describing similar yuckiness.

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