Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Grumps And Groans...

It's frightening to be so incapable of doing the tiniest chore, reading a book with any kind of attention, record my dreams, make diary entries, go to galleries, etc. I really am a bloody zombie.
Another avuncular celeb seems to be emerging, posthumously, this time, as a child abuser. I remember Clement Freud doing dog food adverts when I was a kid, in the company of a Basset Hound who rather resembled him. Weird. It seems Freud shared an office with Cyril Smith (yet another assumed cuddly old duffer, who has been revealed to be a sadistic paedophile-) Cripes.
Three people have come up to me this week, to say how 'well' I'm looking, which is also weird. It hasn't happened, just recently, and now I'm feeling extra-low, I seem to be looking good.
More realistically, the old bat who owns Honey the Dangerous Dog asked yet again if/when I was getting the apronectomy. 'It's a shame.when you've worked so hard, that all that loose skin makes you look still fat' She thinks I should try and sell my shame to a plastic surgery freakshow TV programme. I have thought of applying, but I really don't know if I could take the humiliation...What it's all got to do with 'that old gypsy woman' as R hissingly describes her, I don't know.
The news this week seems to be even more dispiriting than usual, so I retreat more than ever into various fantasy worlds. I'm watching the last series of HANNIBAL, which I've quite liked. Visually, it's terrific, and Mads Mikkelsen is an interesting Hannibal.
I'm a bit disappointed by the latest run of PENNY DREADFUL, though. The Werewolf in the Wild West thread just isn't really doing it for me.



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