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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Humidity, How I Hate You...
Alas, one of the local dogs, Cujo, has lost the use of his back legs (usually The End) and will probably be put down today. He was about 15, and a nice old boy. His human, of course, is devastated. *Sigh*
BIG BROTHER, that harbinger of high summer TV hell, is back, and, of course, worse than ever. All the white girls are even more alike than usual, with long dark hair/extensions, and so far, nobody seems to show any sign of having a personality, in the bits I've half-watched.
PEAKY BLINDERS series 3 left us hanging in an intriguing position.
Also watched DRESSED AS A GIRL, an interesting documentary about drag artistes. I quite like Holestar, who I'd never heard of before; 'The Tranny With a Fanny', and fellow depressive.
I'm feeling quite sick with the humidity, but at least it isn't very hot. I witnessed two extremely loud and alarming 'domestics' between here to the High Street and back. Didn't need it. I really thought they were going to get physical, and maybe attack me, as well, as I hobbled past.
Is it the end of the world, again, this week? In any event, I'm glad I'm not in France. at the moment, and intend to keep well away from the West End, what with all the Queen's Birthday carry-on.


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The end of the world again? We did that last weekend. I was just reading an essay by Rian Malan about one of those end of world incidents in South Africa, where in fact several people took it to heart and sold everything and went out into the kraal to sit on a mountain and wait for the end .. the news was relentless about tracking them down and showing them still waiting days later, getting hungrier and angrier and more confused ..

That's Ragnarok for ya... It's already getting less sunny here in Belfast, true to form, we get the clouds first.

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