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Tedious Tuesday...

Murky and humid, of course, for my schlep to the hospital. It seems I have lost two pounds this year! Well, I was afraid I'd put on about 20 kilos, so that's a relief. The nurse said I'd probably reached 'where your body wants to be' and will have to really work at it to lose more. Fuck. All in all, since I started, I've lost around 75 kilos, which really doesn't seem possible. I often don't think I look much different at all. The nurse also pointed said 'Look at the way you walk, now; you're so much livelier.' I'd beg to differ, the way I feel, but, of course, I couldn't see myself before.
It was dismally stuffy, needless to say. One poor old man fainted in the coffee shop...but if you've gotta pass out, that's the place to do it. He seemed to be coming around OK. Waiting for the blood test was, as usual , torture. There weren't nearly enough chairs, and many of us were hunched sweating and grumbling over our sticks/walkers for over an hour. Fap!
PENNY DREADFUL doesn't seem quite as good this season, but it's still very entertaining. I also watched the finale of the Kenneth Branagh WALLANDER, which put the dementia frighteners on me again. Poor old Kurt. It was sad.

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I noticed in one of your recent drawings you had drawn yourself a lot larger than you usually do, so I suspected you had this fear:). Congrats on your numbers! 75 kilos is astonishing, and while you may not be as tiny as you would prefer, maintaining and even continuing to lose a bit at this stage is still a great result. So many people put it straight back on at this stage that you deserve a very hearty back-pat.

Don't wanna be tiny, or even particularly 'slim'. just not obese. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I'll be able to dump a few more stone eventually.

Tiny in my lexicon means anyone smaller than me - no matter what size I happen to be:).

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