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Frelled As Usual...
Jeez, it's chilly. It really feels like November or something. ..I suppose a hideous heatwave is just around the corner.
I was thinking of going to see X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, but couldn't be arsed. I couldn't afford it, really. It's supposed to be rubbish, and I've got a headache, yet again. Just huddled up indoors, feeling lame.
Watched VERSAILLES which is good, silly 'historic' fun.
I have developed an addiction to 'popcorn' cappuccino at Costa.. I'm such a vulgarian.
I got my 'rainbow' ring. It's cool, but can't wear it, since I have no fingernails at present.
Loving PEAKY BLINDERS. Next week's finale should be pretty intense.

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