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WALLANDER  was back on  goodish form, after a rather dull excursion to South Africa. Actually, I don't think I've read any of the books, although I've watched all the TV versions. Must say the Kurt's dementia story is rather depressing and spooky for me, though, as I'm afraid I'm heading the same way. Oh well, whaddya gonna do?
The BBC showed a new production of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM , trimmed and tinkered with by Russel T Davies. It all worked quite well, I thought. I enjoyed it.
Also saw a strange little B film, over the weekend, NIGHT CALLER. It was obviously made on a zero budget, and was pretty tedious, actually, but there was something curiously interesting about it. There was also a very good cameo performance from Aubrey Morris, as a wonderfully creepy Soho porn peddler, flirting sleazily with a super-straight, very unimpressed detective. He came to a bad end, needless to say.
A rather quiet GAME OF THRONES episode this week. I do hope this is not the last an old woman sees of smouldery Jaqen H'ghar.
I was pleased to see heavy rain this morning, so I could take a day off exercise and get things done. Ha...Actually, I feel quite ill, with all the sneezing, and this headache I seem to have every day, now. and the extreme fatigue.Shit...Today has a creepy, sinister feel about it, too. It's strangely quiet. Brrr....


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