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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Eternal Gridlock...Another Holiday Weekend...
life is pain
Friday:Went to Notting Hill to get some more cheap stuff before the art shop closes. then came home via the Wandsworth mall, but I must have been on busses for about three hours, all told. It is just so frustrating trying to get around town; seems to get worse all the time. Fap.
I was sneezing furiously all day, and noticed a lot of people doing the same. Felt hot, too. Meh.
Sunday: Have had a headache all day, plus queasy stomach, and just want to escape into sleep.
Another zoo animal shooting. Poor creatures; having to live in captivity is bad enough. This time the victim was a gorilla, who seemed to be trying to rescue a child from the moat he'd fallen into.
Ran two tedious CAPTAIN AMERICA films, so I wouldn't be distracted from 'working', but did fuck all anyway. Films were even lamer than expected, just one super punch-up after another, without any decent monsters or gore to liven things up.


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Love the pic of Moon :-)

Thanks, She's a proper sweetie.

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