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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Went to Notting Hill to see the new all-comics shop at the Book & Comic Exchange.The bus broke down halfway there, so it took ages to get there, of course, and there was nothing I wanted.
(If anyone's looking for Aline Kominsky-Crumb's  NEED MORE LOVE, though, there's a copy in good nick for £10.00...) So, I didn't blow any money there, BUT the old Art Shop is closing down soon, and there are some really good buys, so I succumbed. I spoke with the sad young man at the counter. The place has been trading for over thirty years, but they just can't deal with the rent rises any more, and the area's changed so much, that they just can't keep going. Depressing.

Didn't make it through my 'workout' due to the rain. It's stopped now, so I should go back out, but...I'm also struggling to finalise my booking for Rome. I mean to do it every day, before I lose out on the 'no singles supplement' option, but, for some reason, I'm afraid to...
MARCELLA finished, I watched it all, although it was a complete, incomprehensible mess. I think I'll be giving the inevitable second season a miss, though.
Peggy Michell died on EASTENDERS; a Major Moment in Albert Square history. I was a bit moved, I suppose. It was nice to see a hallucinatory Pat back, to see Peggy out. They never should have killed her off.


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Proper three dimensional.

It's been pishing it down here as well, so I proof-read two hours in a Subway store yesterday. It was fierce, Old Testament style all that time, and I'd have expected more people to seek shelter inside.

So, this comic shop, it just sells comics?

Yes, more or less. There are some books and DVDs too, all second hand. Notting Hill Book exchange has been there for ages, but they recently moved down the road a bit and took over two shops.

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