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Dreamin' and Gawking at Telly...
OK, what's this about? Three times this week hapless EASTENDERS postie Masood has appeared in my dreams. He's a peripheral figure, who runs a grocery store with his family.. I can't remember much, but in one story, he was involved in a dispute with my family, so I couldn't get my lunch at his shop. ( I was working nearby.) It was embarrassing.  I was quite young, and seemed to be friendly with his two teenage daughters , who went to my school.

Dream-haunting shlub Masood.

After all the steaming hot weather, it is now spookily chilly. Weather's always been weird of course, but it certainly seems a lot weirder in recent years. Brrrr...
R Next Door tore a strip off me when she saw me briefly speaking to old C, owner of Honey the Dangerous Dog, and giving a treat to the latter. She says I'm an idiot to acknowledge her, and 'I do not speak any more to people who speak to her, and if yew were not my neighbour, I would not speak to yew!' This extra passion evidently stems from a horrible incident last week on Clapham Common, where a Staff actually killed another dog, and was taken off to be put down. This reinforced R's Staffie-hating fixation, of course. I can't say I'm a big fan of them, myself, but I don't want to get involved in R's  batty feuds...
I'm enjoying THE HOLLOW CROWN  very much. These plays have some of the most entertaining Shakespearean invective:  'Foul stigmatic', 'Amazonian trull'. etc. etc. Cumberbum is shaping up to be a really interesting Richard III, and I'm loving Sophie Okenedu's Queen Margaret.


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Your eyes-shut portrait is very Picasso-esque. I wonder if that's how he did it?:)

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