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Looks Like More Sunny HOTness...

Nyaaargh! it burns... And speaking of steamy vampire action, I do wish Buffy and Spike would just jump each other's prominent bones again, already. All this faffing about, with the universe about to end, and all; just DO it, kids...
No DONNIE DARKOs at the bloody video shop again. It's actually rather heartening, though, as it indicates there must be a lot of other warped and alienated characters around here. They had some in Blockbuster, but I'm not paying £3.75 for one night...Got RED DRAGON and WAKING LIFE instead...On the way home, a particularly cross-looking Tony Soprano-clone Inspector got on the bus, and started barking at unlucky lawless teens, etc. I sat smugly, able to produce my valid Freedom Pass; such a luxurious feeling, the absence of that batflap of impending doom in the solar plexus, as he lumbered my way... HAAAHa! (Imagine triumphant 'Nelson Muntz' cadence-)

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