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All Hot And Bothered...
Well, I patted myself on the back for exercising when the rain stopped.Ran into R Next Door, too. Lula seems to be dealing with the humidity reasonably well. Horrible steamy sun is out, now. The worst! Out of curiosity, I bought a tin of coconut water, which is supposed to be so magically refreshing...It tastes like what I imagine water you've washed your socks in does. Couldn't finish it. Yuck, now I know!
Still watching MARSEILLES: Depardieu may be a silly old tosspot in RL, and look like an explosion in a mattress factory these days, but he's still a great actor.
New series of PEAKY BLINDERS is off to a good start. Shocking events tonight!
PENNY DREADFUL continues to impress, too. What a cast, and so very crazy!
My depression is so bad I really felt like I was going completely mad this morning; had one of those 'Waaaah! My head is exploding!!!' attacks. Tiresome.
The weather has got Moon shedding like a sonovahbitch and all. She has quite a short coat, but despite my attentions with the furminator, she 's trailing 'Pigpen' clouds of hair all over the place. Snuffle!

Throwback Thursday Doodlediary:

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The nursery rhyme is actually a song by that seminal musical combo the Fast Food Rockers.

Watch out though, it's a terrible earworm.

Yes, I only recently discovered that it was a 'real' song.

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